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"Photography is a perfect medium for one whose mind is teeming with ideas..." Edward Weston

Bald Eagle on Beach

Artist's Statement

In this era of digital alteration, I am drawn to a style of photography that allows me to be an observer of a moment or scene. I don't direct or manipulate the subject but rather appreciate the juxtaposition of events as they appear. Though Navel Gazing is slightly different in this regard, I don't search for specific types of bellies but take what comes along. In the case of the Dead Ahead series, I photographed all of the animals as I found them. Similarly, the On the Line series and Hidden Voices have been the product of many years of observation.

At some point during one of my many car journeys I began photographing road killed wild animals that eventually became the series Dead Ahead. These photos - emphasizing the clash of industrial society and the natural world ­have profoundly affected me. The images have allowed me to contemplate life and death, its unpredictability and ultimately my own mortality.

I hope that the Dead Ahead series is also viewed as a respectful acknowledgement and memorial to these wild animals that are passed by and ignored. Whether people are repulsed, attracted or both, I hope these photos provoke reflection.

Navel Gazing has also provoked some strong reactions. The contradictory forces of repulsion and attraction that many have expressed, is a powerful emotion that can move one to more contemplation. I had no idea when I took my first belly photo that it would become this series. It began while visiting my family. Every evening my brother-­in-law would squeeze his gut and complain about how fat he felt. It reminded me of some friends in Toronto who also expressed themselves in a similar fashion. Navel Gazing was born.

I did not search out specific types of bellies but instead asked friends, family and acquaintances to participate. Some readily agreed others were shy, embarrassed or too self-conscious. This came as something of a surprise, but the reality is that many men are insecure and sensitive about their body image feeling inadequate in the face of the 'perfect' body type perpetuated by mass media.

On the Line comes from a place that recognizes that there are many moments of beauty around us; moments of poignant grace that are often overlooked in our hectic lives. And just maybe it is a reflection of the innate creative nature that many of us submerge. No matter, the subject continues to draw me 25 years after photographing my first laundry shot.

Hidden Voices is the result of many years walking and cycling in the back alleys and laneways of numerous cities. The comments include the profane and poetic as well as much humour and social commentary. I'm quite fascinated by the need that some people feel to express themselves in this way - on the margins of society - often well out of sight of the commercial interests that dominate our visual landscape.

In addition to these more unusual long-term personal projects, I have spent many an hour and nights photographing our natural world from the macro landscape to the vast splendor of the northern lights. If I were to attempt to sum it up: I still remain curious and engaged and feel compelled to photograph the world around me.

Self Portraits:Master of Disguise



I was born in the heart of the Canadian winter in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I remain traumatized to this day. At present I reside on the Sunshine Coast, a 45 minute ferry ride from Vancouver, B.C. My travels have taken me to many corners of B.C. and other parts of Canada as well as numerous international journeys from Central America to India.

My photographs have been published in various calendars, magazines and books both in Canada and internationally including the following magazines: Americas, Canadian Geographic, The Georgia Straight, Maclean's, Photo Life, The Sun and Travel and Leisure.


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